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Moira Tile Grout Perfect Joint Filler for Tile and Granite

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Moira Tile Grout Perfect Joint Filler for Tile and Granite

Feature & Benefits
• High polymer content to give waterproof joints.
• Easy to use. Lump-free grout can be used both vertical & horizontal surfaces.
• Ideal for use in submerged conditions.
• Available in a range or pleasing & attractive colours to match the colours of tiles.

Application and Uses
• STEP-1 : Add 3 to 3.5 parts of Moira Tile Grout to one part of water by volume.
• STEP-2 : Mix until thick creamy paste is produced.
• STEP-3 : Fill the tile joints by spreading filler paste with rubber trowel in such a way that the entire are of joint gaps are filled.
• STEP-4 : Remove uncured excess grout from textured tiles prior to setting & llow 24 hours to dry.
• Note: For better result also use with Moira Grout Hardener

Mixing Ratio
Add the normal measured quantity of water and mix as usual.

MOIRA TILE GROUT can be used for joint grouting of ceramic, vitrified, glazed tiles with joint width upto 5 mm. Ideal to use for bathroom floors, wall and swimming pools floor in exteriors and interior’s where the joint are to be grouted with a cement based grouting.

1 kg Moira Tile Grout covers approx 49 running meter of 3mm x 5mm point.


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