Leak Guard

Moira Leak Guard Ready Mix Waterproofing Admixture

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Moira Leak Guard Ready Mix Waterproofing Admixture

Feature & Benefits
• Pre-packed Easy to Mix and Apply.
• Eco-Friendly.
• Highly plasticized concrete/mortar.
• Economical.
• Reduces permeability and porosity.
• Concrete containing Moira Leak Guard 222 is resistant to water penetration.

Application and Uses
• Cure ceiling leakages.
• Roof top waterproofing & repairing.
• Waterproof coating for overhead tank & balconies.
• Good for waterproofing of domestic water tanks.
• Basement, Roof slabs and screed, External plastering, Bathrooms & Balconies
• Apply another coat of admixture after dry for 1 hour.

-Mixing Ratio_
Add the normal measured quantity of water and mix as usual.


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